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Wanni Xie received her B.Eng degree in Chemical Engineering and Technology from Tianjin University (China) in 2016 as an outstanding graduate, and the MSc degree with Distinction from Imperial College London in Advanced Chemical Engineering with Process System Engineering (PSE) in 2017. Her master research thesis is about the design and optimisation of shale gas network. From November 2017 to September 2019, Wanni worked at SINOPEC Research Institute of Petroleum Processing (China) as a junior engineer, mainly working on process simulation and scale-up. She is now a first-year PhD student in CoMo Group (focus on CPS) under the supervision of Prof. Markus Kraft, and also a member of Newnham College.

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Recent Preprints

304: Breakdown of British Wind Curtailment using a Multi-Source Knowledge Graph Approach

John Atherton, Wanni Xie, Feroz Farazi, Sebastian Mosbach, Jethro Akroyd, and Markus Kraft, Technical Report 304, c4e-Preprint Series, Cambridge, 2023.

260: How does a Carbon Tax affect Britain’s Power Generation Composition?

John Atherton, Wanni Xie, Leonardus Kevin Aditya, Xiaochi Zhou, Gourab Karmakar, Jethro Akroyd, Sebastian Mosbach, Mei Qi Lim, and Markus Kraft, Technical Report 260, c4e-Preprint Series, Cambridge, 2020.

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