We have some resources for other researchers active in similar fields. Specifically, you will find here some of our software, and a database of sooting flames useful for validating and developing models.

Producing Software © Richard West


The Computational Modelling Group is making some of the software we develop available to others involved in related research. By doing this we hope to provide a service to other researchers and to give some indication to potential collaborators of what we can achieve.

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Recent Software Releases


A knowledge-graph-based digital twin of the world


Machine learning for power conversion efficiency in organic photovoltaics


Matlab code for mapping fringes in HRTEM images of soot

Sooting Flame © Richard West

Soot Database

In this database we collect together experimental and computational results that we believe will be useful for those interested in the soot formation. At the moment we are restricting the database to laminar premixed flames and shock tubes. The main requirement for flames to be entered in the database is that sufficient experimental data be available to allow a detailed simulation of the chemistry. The shock tube section is at a very early stage of development.

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