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Neal graduated with BA and MEng in Chemical Engineering at the University of Cambridge in June 2002 and joined the group in January 2003. His PhD research was into the growth and morphology of inorganic nanoparticles in flames and reactors, using stochastic methods to solve the governing multi-dimensional population balance equations associated with these systems.

He was a demonstrator and marker in the Part I fluid mechanics labs and has also supervised many of the Chemical Engineering courses including: Engineering Mathematics, Advanced Continuous Contacting Processes, Multi-Component Separation Processes and Equilibrium Thermodynamics. More recently he lectured Probability and Statistics to the 3rd year undergraduates in the department and gave introductory lectures in Error Analysis.

He is now in the final year of a three-year EU funded research fellowship entitled "Optimisation of Fuels for Future Engine Technologies through Modelling and Experiment". For the first two years he was seconded to the Shell Technology Centre - Thornton, near Chester, where he conducted research into auto-ignition phenomena in real and surrogate fuels using both computational and experimental techniques. In September 2008 Neal returned to the Chemical Engineering department where he will be performing experimental work into soot formation in candles and wick-burning fuel lamps, as well as continuing his research into autoignition in close collaboration with other members of the group.

Neal is a keen amateur photographer, an enthusiastic mountain biker, and also enjoys playing rugby, football and basketball.

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Telephone: +44 (0)151 373 5639
Address: Shell Technology Centre Thornton
Website: Personal Homepage