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Aleksandar Kondinski

Affiliated Research Fellow

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Aleksandar studied chemistry at Jacobs University Bremen in Germany. For his graduate studies, he followed the Nanomolecular Science program at the same university, during which he familiarized himself with the synthesis and characterization of nanoscopic metal oxides, that is, polyoxometalates (POMs). Under the mentorship of Prof. Thomas Heine, he learned about the application of density functional theory methods to describe POMs. Following his promotion in 2016, he completed postdoctoral stages at RWTH Aachen (Germany) and at KU Leuven (Belgium). He has recently joined the group of Prof. Markus Kraft as a Feodor Lynen Fellow. His current research is in the domain of computational modelling and the development of knowledge graphs for functional nanomolecular materials.

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Address: Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology
University of Cambridge
West Cambridge Site
Philippa Fawcett Drive
Cambridge CB3 0AS
United Kingdom
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