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I have a BSc (honours) in Chemical Engineering from the University of Cape Town (2009-2012). I have an MSc in Applied Mathematics from KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, and an MSc in Scientific Computing from Technische Universität Berlin (2013-2015). My Master’s thesis investigated convergence of stochastic coagulating particle systems.

I am now a PhD student in the Computational Modelling group at Cambridge and a member of Churchill College. My studies are funded by a departmental studentship and a CARES scholarship. I am interested in numerical methods for solving the population balance equations that describe the synthesis of particulate materials.

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Recent Preprints

278: Detailed modelling of aerosol growth dynamics

Astrid Boje and Markus Kraft, Technical Report 278, c4e-Preprint Series, Cambridge, 2021.

242: Study of industrial titania synthesis using a hybrid particle-number and detailed particle model

Astrid Boje, Jethro Akroyd, Stephen Sutcliffe, and Markus Kraft, Technical Report 242, c4e-Preprint Series, Cambridge, 2019.

211: A hybrid particle-number and particle model for efficient solution of population balance equations

Astrid Boje, Jethro Akroyd, and Markus Kraft, Technical Report 211, c4e-Preprint Series, Cambridge, 2018.

176: Detailed Population Balance Modelling of TiO2 Synthesis in an Industrial Reactor

Astrid Boje, Jethro Akroyd, Stephen Sutcliffe, John Edwards, and Markus Kraft, Technical Report 176, c4e-Preprint Series, Cambridge, 2016.

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Address: Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology
University of Cambridge
West Cambridge Site
Philippa Fawcett Drive
Cambridge CB3 0AS
United Kingdom
Website: Personal Homepage