Modelling soot and carbon nanotube formation


15:30, 2nd May 2007

LT1, Department of Chemical Engineering

Seminar outline:

A review of developments made during my PhD are presented. The talk begins with a review of particle models and considers a simple homogeneous gas system. An operator splitting technique is presented as a method for solving the gas-phase chemistry and the particle population balance simultaneously (see Preprint 39 and associated publication). Simple and Strang splitting are explained in detail. Numerical convergence is shown and a few results comparing the model to experimental soot data from a plug-flow reactor are presented.

The second part of the talk details our attempt at creating a gas-phase model for carbon nanotube (CNT) growth from nanoparticles (see Preprint 44). Our simulation technique discussed previously is used to simulate a laminar flow reactor. Size distributions for particle and CNT diameter and length are compared to the experimental findings.