• IToSE-11-448-456

A Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Model for Heat and Power Dispatch Subject to Grid Constraints

Authors: Rémy Rigo-Mariani, Chuan Zhang, Alessandro Romagnoli, Markus Kraft, K. V. Ling, and Jan M. Maciejowski

Reference: IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Energy 11(1), 448-456, (2020)


This paper investigates an optimal scheduling method for the operation of combined cycle gas turbines (CCGT). The objective is to minimize the CO2 emissions while supplying both electrical and thermal loads. The paper adopts a detailed model of the units in order to relate the heat and power outputs. The grid constraints as well as system losses are considered for both the electrical and thermal systems. Finally, the optimal power dispatch lies on the hybridization of a Mixed Integer Linear Programing (MILP) scheduling with a greedy search method. Different sets of simulations are run for a small 5-bus test case and a larger model of Jurong Island in Singapore. Several load levels are considered for the heat demand and the impact of the steam pipe capacities is highlighted.

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