Journal Club - Modelling Theme


13:00, 13th July 2007

LT2, Department of Chemical Engineering

Seminar outline:

Christopher Handscomb will give a very brief introduction to the drying of slurry droplets and the associated modelling approaches. He will then be focussing on the following paper,

Analysis of constant rate period of spray drying of slurry.,

H. Liang, K. Shinohara, H. Minoshima, K. Matsuhima Chemical Engineering Science, 56, 2205-2213, (2001)

discussing the modelling approach used and comparing the results obtained with those produced by an in-house droplet simulator. He will also refer to a follow-up to this paper which discusses certain problems with the original model and, more worryingly, with some of the results presented:

Comments to "Analysis of constant rate period of spray drying of slurry" by Liang et al.,

K. Jorgensen, A. D. Jensen, J. Sloth, K. Dam-Johansen, P. Bach Chemical Engineering Science, 61, 2096-2100, (2006)

There will be an opportunity for discussion at the end of the talk, and all attending are encouraged to read the two papers in advance.