• AE-155-599-612

Quantitative tools for cultivating symbiosis in industrial parks; a literature review

Authors: Catharine A. Kastner, Raymond Lau, and Markus Kraft*

Reference: Applied Energy 155, 599-612, (2015)

  • Quantitative tools and methods to cultivate industrial symbiosis exchanges are reviewed.
  • A table of existing eco-industrial parks which have been studied is included.
  • Alterations in existing infrastructure issues are examined.
  • Motivational and restricted information concerns are discussed.

Graphical abstract The quantitative tools and methods that have been developed to identify and cultivate industrial symbiotic exchanges in existing industrial parks to minimize overall energy and material consumption are reviewed. The issues relevant to adapting an existing park differs from those associated with constructing a new park using eco-industrial principles. Published literature was surveyed for methodologies which identify and establish viable inter-company exchanges for water, heat, power and materials. Studies which address issues associated with infrastructure alterations are specifically highlighted, as well as methods to quantify and manipulate any potential financial and/or ecological benefits gained by adopting proposed eco-industrial measures. Additional topics, such as network analysis, company motivation, confidentiality issues and introduction of new industries or facilities are included. This review surveys current quantitative methodologies that can be applied to the process of adapting established industrial park networks into eco-industrial park systems and case studies which are pertinent to this type of adaptation.

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