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Mohammad Shahrour

Part IIB Student

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Mohammad is a CET Part IIB student in the CoMo group and a member of Sidney Sussex College. He completed internships with Aldar Properties PJSC in Abu Dhabi, where his work was focused on hypo-chlorination control system optimisation, and ExxonMobil in the UK, where he developed empirical correlations to predict the concentration of butyl rubber solutions and the pH of rubber slurries on process lines. Mohammad was awarded the ExxonMobil Chemical Engineering Prize, the BP Prize for Outstanding Performance, the Winifred Georgina Holgate Pollard Memorial Prize and the Thomas Ireland Scholarship for his performance in Part I and Part IIA of the Chemical Engineering Tripos. His Master’s thesis project focuses on the exploration and analysis of objective function surfaces associated with the optimisation of chemical kinetic mechanisms for hydrogen combustion modelling.

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Address: Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology
University of Cambridge
West Cambridge Site
Philippa Fawcett Drive
Cambridge CB3 0AS
United Kingdom